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Profile gliders

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Gulf Gliders 2014

Near real-time tracking map for slocum gliders in the Gulf of Mexico

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Shell Seaglider 2013

The Seaglider was used to collect water column temperature data (and other parameters) to define ocean heat content during pre-storm conditions

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Glider Data for BP Oil Spill 2010

An underwater glider data stored in the Global Temperature and Salinity Profile Programme (GTSPP) database in the vicinity of the BP Deepwater oil spill.

Surface gliders

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USM Wave Glider

Wave Glider is equipped with sensors to measure carbon dioxide (CO2) and dissolved oxygen levels, pH, water temperature, conductivity, air temperature, barometric pressure, and wind speed and direction

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MSU Wave Glider

During the 2014 Hurricane Seasons, three Unmanned Surface Vehicles know as Wave Gliders leased from Liquid Robotics have been deployed into the eastern Gulf of Mexico.